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Jim Al-Khalili

Humanists do not believe in God; they are atheists who believe human beings can live ethical and fulfilling lives without religious beliefs. They have positive attitude to life and believe in helping others through reason and learning from history, our experiences and mistakes.

The British Humanist Association and The International Humanist and Ethical Union are too organisations that promote Humanism.

Humanists believe that both rational thinking and life experience give us knowledge of all things and a moral/ethical ideas in which to live by.

They reject the idea of an all-powerful, all-seeing and all knowing God. They also reject all other superstitious beliefs.

Key Humanist beliefs

  • There is no God, gods or supernatural spirits..
  • Science is the only way in which we can understand the world.
  • We only live this life. You do not go to heaven, hell or get reborn after death.
  • Human beings can live good live and be kind without religion.
  • Human beings get their moral/ethical ideas by learning from history, personal experience and rational thinking.

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