Goffs School Religious Studies

Student PLCs

Year 7 (click on ‘student information’)

What has RS got to do with me? Student Information

Why are Abraham and Moses so important to the Jews? Student Information

Why are the 5 Pillars of Islam important to Muslims? Student Information

Was Jesus Man or God? Student Information

What does the Buddha seek to find? Student Information


Year 8 (click on ‘student information’)

Religion – Do we have a choice? Student Information

Does it matter how we behave? Student Information

Is Marriage Just about love and romance? Student Information

Is prejudice alive and kicking? Student Information

What makes people inspirational? Student Information

Is the truth really out there? StudentsInformation


AQA GCSE (click on ‘student information’)

Matters of Life: Matters of Life – Student Information

Matters of Death and the Elderly: Matters of Death – Student Information

Drugs and Alcohol: Drugs and Alcohol – Student Information

Crime and Punishment: Crime & Pubishment – Student Information

Wealth and Poverty: Wealth & Poverty – Student Information

Animal Rights: Animal Rights – Student Information

Early Life: Early Life – Student Information

Prejudice: Prejudice – Student Information

War and Peace: War & Peace – Student Information

Planet Earth: Planet Earth – Student Information


A Level (click on ‘student info’)

Introduction Unit: AS Introduction to Morality and Ethics – Student Info

Utilitarianism: AS Utilitarianism – Student Info

Situation Ethics AS – Situation Ethics – Student Info

Natural Law: AS Natural Law – Student Info

Kantian Ethics AS – Kantian Ethics – Student Info

Abortion and Euthanasia: AS Abortion and Euthanasia – Student Information

Value of Human Life AS – Nature and Value of Humans – Student Info

Environmental Ethics AS Environmental Ethics – Student Info

Libertarianism, Free Will and Determinism A2 – Libertarianism – Student Info

Virtue Ethics

Sexual Behaviour and Human Relationships

Science and Technology

Medical Ethics




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