Goffs School Religious Studies

AQA Unit 2 – Crime and Punishment

Unit 2 Religious Attitudes to Crime and Punishment

Within this topic candidates should be aware of religious beliefs and teachings concerning human nature, wrong-doing and the punishment of offenders, and repentance and forgiveness. They should be aware of the implications of these beliefs and teachings in relation to:

• an understanding of the religious beliefs about law and order;

• concepts of right and wrong, conscience, duty and responsibility; 

• the debate about the causes of crime including social, environmental and psychological explanations; 

• the different types of crimes, including against the person, property and the state and religious offences;

• the aims of punishment, defined as protection, retribution, deterrence, reformation, vindication and reparation;

• the appropriateness of different forms of punishment in achieving the aims of punishment, including:

• the handling of young offenders,

• the effects of imprisonment,

• the meaning and implications of life imprisonment, 

• issues arising out of parole and early release, 

• the debate about the death penalty (capital punishment); 

• alternatives to prison, including electronic tagging, probation, fines and community

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