Goffs School Religious Studies

AQA Unit 1 – Drugs and Alcohol

Year 9 students will be following the AQA GCSE short course specification B on Religion and Morlity. Unit 1 is concerned with drugs and alcohol. For this unit students will be studying various religious beliefs and teachings concerning the mind and body. They need to know of the implications of these in relation to the taking of drugs for non-medical purposes and the effects these drugs have on their personal, family and social lives. The AQA unit will also cover:

• religious beliefs and teaching on the mind and body as well as rights and responsibilities;

• religious attitudes to the use of drugs, including those medically prescribed, legal and illegal drugs;

• legally accepted drugs and their effects, including caffeine, alcohol, tobacco;

• the use of the taxes raised on alcohol and tobacco for medical research and treatment;

• the reasons why illegal drugs may be taken; physical, mental, and social consequences of taking drugs for social and recreational purposes.

• issues concerning obtaining drugs and the effects on other people, e.g. stealing to pay for their habit, drinking or taking illegal drugs and driving, family problems;

• the effectiveness of methods aimed at reducing drug abuse and rehabilitating users;

• the law and drugs, including the debate about the classification and legal status of different drugs, including cannabis, ecstasy, heroin, solvents, alcohol.

For more information please view the ‘Ethical Issues pages og this website as well as the AQA website http://web.aqa.org.uk/qual/newgcses/his_rel/new/rel_studies_b_overview.php?id=09&prev=09.

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